why illustration?

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How My illustrations can help you REACH OUT?
In the digital age business can struggle to engage with users to get noticed. One tool that that really helps is great Illustration that attracts user engagement, interaction and confidence. Illustration can create a unique identity for brands.
My illustrations make an IMPACT that benefits your organisation; connecting your audience with the information and messages that you need to communicate.
This is because my work has been honed over twenty years to meet my clients' requirements to create the right IMPACT.

6 reasons why my illustrations will make a difference for you...

1. Confidence
I use a style that encourages a sense of trust when people engage with your message. My illustrations are clear and concise, so the viewer is confident and not confused about the meaning or subject matter.


I start with listening to my clients to make sure I have a strong understanding of their needs and messages. Then I interpret that into images using my strong visual vocabulary in a way that is relevant, witty and inventive to suit their message. 

2. Results
Because I understand my client's needs and have a style that is individual with universal appeal, my artwork has gained an international following.
My clients appreciate the benefits of my illustrations and repeatedly use my artwork for new and exciting projects.
They realise that my artwork gets results time after time.

3. Clarity
Complex messages and concepts need clear visual solutions. 
A simple image is often the best to communicate a complex message. The simplification of style, colour and form is a flexible way to demonstrate a complicated idea with clarity and wit. I produce flexible and adaptable images that can be used to create work flow diagrams, charts, maps and graphs.

4. Numbers
The methods I use to create illustrations are very flexible, completed quickly and without fuss. I use one of these three methods.
Method 1. A painterly textured style that is loved and admired; these images have depth and richness to them and easily adapt to a range of uses and media.
Method 2.  A digital vector technique creating images with sharp edges, simple graphic shapes and consistent line work. These images remain sharp when resized, no matter how large.
Method 3. This I call Hybrid which combines bitmap and vectors. It has the painterly texture of the bitmaps but maintains the sharp edges and scalability of vector images.

5. R&D
Like any business, research is vital. For each project I research the content and investigate how that content can be developed visually.
My style is continuously evolving so it is always fresh and makes a strong impression on users, clients, your readership and potential customers. 
My research also includes collaboration with your team from start to finish, making revisions along the way to craft the best illustration for the project.
Making the right image for you. 

6. Engagement = Success
The best images attract and engage viewers.
An effective illustration is one that gains the interest of the passing viewer. If a poster makes a passer by stop and look, that poster has done its job; a great illustration can amplify this effect.
Do you find yourself clicking on that really cool image, for no particular reason, other than that image has made you curious? That is effective imagery in action.
When browsing through a magazine do you stop and read the article when there is an attractive image? I do. This is because illustration is highly effective and when used well with good design it is a WINNER.

And finally...
If you are interested in using my illustration services or have any questions you wish me to answer, please, feel free to contact me.
I look forward to hearing from you. More so I look forward to working with you.

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