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Illustration that works hard

HOW ILLUSTRATION gets the best results?
The effectiveness of illustration has been known for centuries from cave painters right through ancient Egypt to the present day. In modern times publishers, editors and art directors have used illustration as a way to attract the readership to the articles, it helps the reader understand what the article is about and it will keep the reader engaged. The same in advertising where major brands use illustration as major part of their strategy.
Now today on-line publishing is growing many cases replacing the print media publishers and businesses are rediscovering the benefits of quality illustration. It is an excellent way of helping you communicate your message and reaching out to a greater audience. It increases audience engagement so that more people will read your message or content.
If you also include unique eye-catching illustration as a part your Social Media strategy you will attract more traffic your website, a website that is more attractive, more than engaging than a website without the right imagery.
I also feel that communication and collaboration is the ideal way to create engaging illustrations that successfully help you reach a wider audience. You will find my witty award winning illustrations can have the impact that you will get you noticed.
If you like to know more, please, visit my Why Illustration page?
If you want your message to reach a broader audience effectively, contact me, Gregory Baldwin,  or if possible, arrange a time to meet up for a chat.

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