Composite using illustration representing National Trust of Victoria Properties in Melbourne.
Illustration representing Como House and the surrounding park in South Yarra, Melbourne.
Illustration of Old Melbourne Gaol. Inside there is an exhibit of death mask of executed convicts including their back story. The front one is Ned Kelly. The textures used in the illustrations are from photographs of the buildings.
Labassa House which has some wonderful wallpaper and stain glass, well worth a visit if you can as it open rarely.
The Polly Woodside is a well travelled iron hulled cargo and collier from the late 19th Century. The ship is berthed on the banks of the Yarra with Melbourne Convention Centre as a modern backdrop.
Rippon Lea is one of the old dames of Melbourne with an extensive landscaped garden and fernery all intact surviving the subdivisions of the suburban mansions of the last hundred years.
Alternative composite that shows. It can be easily redesigned to match different layouts by moving the individual illustrations and coloured shapes around.
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