Mr Courbet goes to the Pilbara
image 1: the complete illustration in the Law Institute Journal
image 2: close up detail of illustration
This illustration accompanied an article that looks at the decision in ASIC v Fortescue Metals Group Ltd, where Fortescue Metals Group Ltd entered into agreements with three Chinese contractors relating to the finance and construction of FMG’s iron ore project in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The agreements were concluded on the basis that the parties intended to create certain binding obligations but left some fundamental issues for later negotiation between the parties, including (but not limited to) the price, subject matter of the agreement and the scheduling. ASIC did not find these agreements to be binding and commenced proceedings against FMG for deceptive and misleading conduct.>

It was suggested that an artist painting an artist's impression of the aggreement with a positive spin not the reality. I do not know why, maybe due to my imminent visit to Paris, but Gustave Courbet's "The Artist's Studio" came to mind as possible starting point for a composition. I am looking forward to seeing some Courbets.

client: Law Institute Journal
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