Highly Commended Award
Illustrators Australia Award
Institutional Illustration Category | Single Illustration 
The Future of Work
With a nod to futuristic illustrator Arthur Radebaugh who was mentioned in this article about the future of work.

Celebrating luminaries in the field of accounting
Inspirational stories of the discipline of accounting's pioneers and the need to tell them well and often.

Energy Australia
Resolving energy policy dilemmas in an age of carbon constraints.

March of the Multinationals
Why we need more powerful multinational corporations.

Pathways to growth: the reform imperative.

Risk Culture of Banking
Lessons from a career in banking where banking is not just a business.

What can economics tell us about guns and crime?
Your chance of being a victim of homicide in the late 2000s was around half of what it had been in the late 1980s.

Starting points for a next generation social contract
Without more proactive efforts the economy will neither close the jobs deficit nor change the 30-year pattern of wage stagnation and growing income inequality.

client: Melbourne University's Business and Economics
Publication: Insights
Brief: To create a series of illustrations for the articles throughout the journal
Award: 5th Illustrators Australia Awards | Institutional Single Category | Highly Commended
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