This project, for The Law Institute Journal, is a series of illustrations to accompany a collection of articles on Social Media and the relationship it has within the legal sector; how lawyers can use it, how not to use it and its effects on the Law.
The idea of a wild-west frontier as a theme throughout the illustrations reflect the pioneering quality to the Law adopting social media and digital networking universe both on how it is used and its effects on legislation. As often is the case with editorial illustration the images balance the witty playfulness with a strong respect to the serious business of the content that will attract the viewer to read the article that they could easily skip over whilst flicking through the pages.
image one
Social Media Muster: a round-up of articles on Social Media and the Law (cover illustration)
image two
Face it, nothing’s private: a look at Facebook’s privacy policy.
image three
Always “at work”?: Bullying and social media in the workplace.
image four
Smoke Signals: the risks, rewards and retweets of social media marketing and the law.
image five
Don’t Miss the Bandwagon: Social media and the courts.
image six
Beware anti-social media: Who is tracking the digital footprint of lawyers use of social media?
image eight
Netiquette in Aladdin’s cave.
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